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    Super Rare Bears

    SuperRareBears is a collection of ~10,000 NFTs, where each NFT bear comes with unique traits. The client approached us with a request to completely redesign their old website, making it brighter, braver, and more convenient for story-makers.
    • animation
    • web design
    • web development

    Stare at the bear

    The entire SRB collection was programmatically generated from over 672 hand-drawn traits, 137 bears were crafted individually. This is more than enough for each user to generate NFTs with unparalleled traits.

    Tap to see the magic

    We used big fonts and bright colors in the site design to catch attention but never distract potential owners from our unmatchable bears. All eyes on the art.

    The hero section comes with an interactive element — a magic ball users need to tap on to create bears. Love the result? Press the big yellow button. Don’t enjoy it? Make another one, there are plenty of designs to play with.

    Presenting the graphics

    Main graphic element? The amazing NFT characters, of course. The Bears.

    But even being as capable as our bears are, they won’t present themselves. We added mostly simple — and sometimes quite complex — background elements to correct that and literally put our characters in the best light.

    The abominator

    We also presented the NFT character booster, which is yet to come — the Abominator. The main point is turning bears into zombies. Nothing wrong happens with the original bear; users simply get a scarier version of their characters in addition to the regular one.

    A section like this requires as much highlight as you can give. So we focused on the X-ray performance that turns cute Winnie-the-Pooh-like characters into pure monsters.

    The gallery page

    Plain & simple but highly effective. The filters, the very detailed search field, and the bears. And nothing to distract people from contemplating the characters.

    And the story page

    Super Rare Bears is not just a collection of pics somewhere on the Internet. It is a powerful community, too.

    NFT owners don’t just buy characters to put them on the shelf: they make up stories about them. On social media or wherever they want. That’s why the brand new website has a page dedicated to bear tales.

    Beautiful and mobile-optimized

    Where the traffic goes, the new SRB website follows. We created a neat mobile version for those who prefer taps to clicks — and also because that’s what we do, always.

    Animations entertain and bring life to the page, users can still generate bears with a tap, and even the Abominator works the way it should. On all screens & sizes.

    A bright and fancy piece of web art. You’re right, that’s real magic. Go and check your destiny, find your bear. No boring details, only bears, bears are everywhere.

    SRB team
    From Medium Article

    Project team

    Art Direction – Valentyna Sulima
    Design – Valentyna Sulima, Serhii Bondarenko
    Management – Illya Savanevich
    Development – Vlad Romanenko

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