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    Releap is a decentralized social and exchange platform tailored for musical NFTs. Their mission is to empower artists through a new way of interacting with their fandom. Our mission was to make a cool and techy design for the guys, brightlighting their product.
    • 3D models
    • animation
    • web design
    • web development

    First stop, the style. Releap is powered by Solana, a decentralized blockchain platform with
    its own splashy design full of stuff like 3Ds, lush graphics, and animations.

    Releap takes after Solana in many ways. But the first and utmost plan was to design a classy
    yet functional landing page that unfolds key highlights of the company and their future
    looking product.

    The (future) killer of Spotify

    Songs, albums, music, lyrics, and soundbites can all be NFTs. The classy ones, too.

    To remind Releap users of that, we draw a few illustrations of CDs with some of the biggest
    names on the covers. First, for purely aesthetic reasons. Second, to directly show the users
    what Releap is all about — gathering some goddamnd good tracks and bright composers.

    Using gradients is a classy design move for similar NFT-related sites. The gradients we used
    for Releap are pretty bright, but at the same time, they aren’t annoying distractions that
    keep people away from the site’s content.

    A distinctive feature of this distinctive feature is that our gradients have a grainy texture and
    thus create a bit of a vintage retro sci-fi vibe.

    Tracks and team members’ cards are designed in a minimalist way with lines as the main
    graphic element. For every core team member, we drew a custom cartooney illustration
    supplemented by smooth & elegant animation.

    sculpturing 3d abstractions

    The final touch was crafting 3D abstractions. Again, to better reflect the connection to
    Solana that users similar details. And, on the other hand, to make the website look as it’s
    from our NFT-vivid future where art and music look a lot different from what we used to.

    The figures we came up with are pretty simple, and they’re brought to life with the same
    simple animations.

    The mobile’s turn

    After we polished the desktop and adapted it for, in particular, extra-large 2K and whatever
    K screens came the mobile’s turn. We made sure the animations run smoothly, nothing’s
    glitching out, and the page is fully optimized for all-size mobile devices.

    Zgraya’s designs were impressive. On top of that, they worked with 3D graphics, which meant that their images were different and distinct from other competitors. Other teams didn’t offer this service.

    William Wong
    CEO & Founder

    Project team

    Art Direction – Valentyna Sulima
    Design – Valentyna Sulima, Serhii Bondarenko
    Animation – Alex Kurchev
    Management – Masha Push
    Development – Alexey Kalyuzhnyi

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