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    web and mobile apps that cover any need, device, or platform

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    Product dev

    Product Stack

    • – SQL – NOSQL – DEVOPS


    Go in line with your business growth, automating every process that no longer needs human hands.


    Automated marketing, sales and support that happens in WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger while you sleep.


    Blazing fast and secure websites — including e-commerce ones — that aren’t hard nor expensive to scale.

    E-commerce sites

    With simple & clear select-buy process, bringing your customers the very best of online shopping experience.


    Launch b2c, b2b and c2c selling websites of any size or shape, ready for any platform.

    Mobile hybrid apps

    Apps that run on both iOS and Android devices but take half less time to make.


    Web dev

    Web Stack

    • – HTML5/CSS3 – Sass/Scss – BEM – JS ES6
    • – WordPress – WooCommerce
    • – Vue.js – React
    • – Twitter Bootstrap – Tailwind CSS
    • – Zurb Foundation
    • – WebGL – Three.js – GreenSock – SVG

    WordPress Development

    Create corporate sites or media platforms: blogs, news resources, portals and more.

    WOW websites

    Stunning 3D visualization, complex layout and animations that catch the eye

    landing pages

    We reveal your product might to the fullest, turning visitors into buyers.

    Online stores

    WooCommerce based development that goes faster yet keeps all valuable shopping features & wow-looking designs intact.

    Design to web page

    Converting your design in Figma / PSD / Sketch into high-performance, SEO-optimized, and rock-solid HTML, CSS, JS codebase



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    • How much time do you need to develop and launch a new product?

      Everything depends on the project and your requirements. For example, building a simple Jamstack website takes ~2 months, while a large CRM system with a bunch of integrations can take up to a year or more to finish.

      To get an idea of how much time it takes & costs check out the Configurator

    • We have a product that requires fast prototyping. Can you help us?

      Sure. Our dev team is made up of Middle+ and Senior engineers, which allows us to develop prototypes without spending much time on learning.

      We also use a modern tech stack (React / Node.js), suggest ready-made solutions when necessary, and most importantly — bring new ideas for your product, based on our extensive expertise.

    • What's your process from an idea to a ready-for-launch product?

      Here’s the process:

      • idea / requirements
      • product definition (we study requirements, competitors, make an offer)
      • specification (create user stories, system specification, architecture)
      • design (UI/UX design based on specifications, branding, etc.)
      • development (setting up development environments, software implementation)
      • QA testing
      • deployment (setting up production env, deploying)
      • release
    • How much it costs to create a full-fledged product?

      As well as with timing, it depends on the requirements you set and the product itself. Making a simple Jamstack website can cost around $15,000, while a full-fledged CRM system with a bunch of integrations can exceed $100,000.

      Use the Configurator to check out the approx. cost

    • What if I need to extend my own development team?

      We can still lend you a hand — and a few qualified engineers.

      We have React, React Native and Node.js developers in-house but can easily involve any other engineers. The Ukrainian market is full of high-level specialists, and we’ll be happy to help. Just get in touch to discuss the details.

    • How do you test software and make sure everything works as expected?

      During the development, our engineers are manually testing new features. After the dev phase is over, we pass the product to the QA team for further verification.

      At a client’s request (and we highly recommend it!), we write automated tests. This significantly increases the fault tolerance and simplifies the refinement of new functionality.

    • Can you help me with naming, branding, design, and marketing?

      Yep. Our team includes not only developers but also designers, copywriters, and marketers.

      Working with us, you can always count on an integrated approach. We not just make an app or a black box system but can also come up with a suitable name, create a logo and brand identity, write the copy, and promote your product.

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