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    Schultze & Braun is one of Germany’s best-known law firms. Among other services, they’re advising companies — and those who do business with such companies — in times of financial distress. 

For Restructum, one of the special Schultze & Braun branches, we designed a wow-looking business website dedicated to the new insolvency law.
    • animation
    • development
    • web design

    Legal ≠ Boring

    Like most legal websites, Restructum was supposed to be serious and trustworthy. But, unlike most, also impressive and unboring. To pass on that sense of possibility for transformation and restructuring by reaching out to struggling companies.

    Keeping up with the brandbook

    One of our clients’ requests was to save the Schultze & Braun synergy. We had to work with their brand book, namely, logo, font, and colors. The thing is, those colors and fonts, if used incorrectly, might look outdated. And the team wanted their website to have a trendy look and feel.

    We solved it by using fresh geometric patterns that preserve the connection with S&B but look less old-school. Added two more colors and one typeface to give the website a more premium touch.

    Simple yet witty

    Though Restructum has a relatively simple structure, it’s full of compelling design solutions. Text animations, color accents, page transitions, non-standard layout, and even an interactive cursor that highlights the functionality and gives users a hint on which elements are clickable.

    Long, and sometimes complicated wording

    The website itself is dedicated to a German law and created for German users. So it’s fully in German, too. And this language is way too famous for its long words, like ‘Restrukturierungslandschaft’ or ‘Unternehmensrestrukturierung.’

    It’s a lot of characters, and the layout tends to devour words like these. We had to be extra careful to fit in the copy — and not break its logic and order.

    We designed the homepage and internal pages, explained the service, and presented the team.

    Any Platform ready design

    As it’s a business website, we wanted it to run fast and look good on any device. The site is fully optimized for mobiles because business people are busy people and it’s important to let them check the site on the go.

    The website was well-received by our board of trustees, and we’ve gotten good feedback from visitors — it stands out from other law firm websites.

    Kanika Choudhary
    Launch Manager

    Project team

    Art Direction – Valentyna Sulima
    Design– Valentyna Sulima, Yevheniia Havra, Vlad Mazalov, Oksana Minina
    Managment– Matvii Kurochka
    Development – Alexey Kalyuzhnyi, Victor Kolesnik

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