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    Shop Advizor

    ShopAdvizor is an aggregator of ratings and reviews for supermarket products. Just like Tripadvisor does for travelers or Vivino — for wine enjoyers, this platform collects reviews and recommendations for the tastiest buckwheat, peas, rice and thousands of other goodies.
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    After launching the platform but not getting the growth they’d expected, the ShopAdvizor team got in touch with us for a full mobile & web app redesign.

    The prior design was too heavy, so we completely changed it. Added cute illustrations, re-thought the UX and made the platform look more stylish, attractive and brisk.

    Mobile-first At its very first

    To harmonize the devices, we’d started with the mobile app and then synchronized its features on the web. ShopAdvisor is fully responsive, adapted for any screen (even your rusty iPhone 5).

    We also designed a universal UX for the mobile and web apps. They may not be the same in looks but follow the same logic.

    The toughest part was to come up with the product page design. It’s the one with an awful lot of details, and we had to arrange them the way each tiny bit of info remains seen. So that our picky users won’t miss a calorie.

    Recommendations: our biggest
    proud, users’ best advisor

    ShopAdvizor isn’t for selling products: you can’t buy a thing directly on the platform.

    Instead, the service has a bunch of in-built features like the Nutriscore rating that shows the usefulness of each product. If you’re looking for the right oatmeal with blueberries, set the Nutriscore rating at ‘A’ — and you’ll see the most healthy & tasty options for your breakfast.

    “Overall, Zgraya’s very knowledgeable in their field. They suggest things from a perspective that sets them apart from other providers I’ve worked with. The UI/UX design and the little development that I’ve seen shows that they know what they’re talking about.”

    Full feedback on Clutch…

    Pablo Santiago
    CTO, ShopAdvizor

    What’s under the hood

    Unlike most of our projects, where we take care of both the interface and the server sides, with
    ShopAdvisor it was just the frontend — the UI — part that we worked on.

    What we did though wasn’t just laying out the elements. We wrote the frontend’s app logic. And mocked — replicated — the backend to show some close-to-real data interactions instead of dummy placeholders or Lorem Ipsum.

    The goal

    Make it easier for our client’s backend devs to link the client and server parts. They’d only have to replace our mocks with actual data requests, and that did the job.

    Similar story with the use of styled components and a storybook (holds all the components—titles, buttons, drop-down menus, etc) for this project. The reason was to have all UI elements in one place, make it simple to explore already developed components, and help the backend guys figure out how the UI works without delving deep into the client-side code.

    Project team

    Art Direction — Vladimir Klynnyy
    Design — Nicolas Vakhliuev, Helga Altuhova
    Managment — Matvii Kurochka
    CTO — Anton Fedulov
    Development — Dmitry Kadchenko, Yevhenii Ivchenko

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