Ozerianko bags

OZ Bags is Dasha Ozerianko's brand of bags, backpacks, and accessories. Each piece is hand-made, unique, crafted for a lifetime. Dasha turned to Zgraya to update her brand identity and create a visual system for online channels and physical prints.
  • identity
  • 3D models
  • branding
  • illustration

Dasha describes her handicrafts as a piece of art, long-lived and loved. We made the new style to line with these principles. We reimagined the logo focusing on the typeface, radically revamped the brand label and modeled it in 3D. Followed by a set of drawings of OZ bags and backpacks to mix up the visual design and showcase products outside the box.

The idea was to combine the new style with hand-drawn visuals and not tie up to the new logo. The style itself is future-proofing and multiuse. To ensure that, we used three sets of color palettes and added minimalistics elements.

The new system is a bizarre combination of illustrations, natural palette, brand photos, 3D renders of the new metal brand label, elegant typography, handwritten texts and the usual friendly language of communication with the client. We get an infinite number of combinations by mixing different techniques.

OZ sends postcards with cute wishes to their clients. We designed the cards to never look the same. Now, each postcard goes with stickers-illustrations on it — a unique combination every single time. For the most loyal customers, Dasha signs the cards in her own hand and leaves a drawing of a heart as a signature.

OZ products show up in a branded bag or gift box. Our job was to develop several options of a super bag super cover. Now, customers find it hard to throw away such beautiful packaging.

Project team

Art Direction — Maikl Babenko
Design – Pavel Sidash
PM – Masha Ozerova

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