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    MilPCS + Best Agent

    project website
    Mil PCS is a US-based business that provides free relocation services for army personnel. It’s also branching out into the civilian market as Best Agent. We designed both sites and created a common dashboard for admins and agents to manage it all.
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    the problem

    There were notebooks with all the agents’ numbers and the deals, which worked perfectly fine for 20 deals. But with 200 clients a year and around 70 agents, the deals became hard to manage and track, including not being sure if an agent in a state far-far away is forgetting to pay you a referral payment. Not good if that’s what the business operates on.

    This was an exciting project for us, because it wasn’t just about design. We had to find ways to structure it all and make it work as a system. We had to really understand the business and digitize every aspect of it, creating an automated digital product.

    the solution

    Our solution was to make a single custom CRM for both websites. It has all kinds of dashboards with deals, agents and analytics. There is also a version for agents, where they can manage their deals.

    The great thing about this CRM is that it now automates the whole process of interaction between agents and clients. It tracks deal progress and provides digital document signing functionality and advanced task management for agents. It automatically gathers information about revenue and profitability, as well as the agents’ performance and effectiveness.

    When a potential client fills in a form, a new client file with their requirements is created automatically. The admin can then assign this to an agent in that particular area of the country.

    Everything happening in different places now shows up in one place — the dashboard. Now the business can be in control of all the deals happening in different parts of the US, and there is no need for paper notebooks — all the clients’ and agents’ contact details are always at the fingertips in a single database.

    To show how good we are at structuring things and what happens in practice, here is a huge incomprehensible diagram:


    The Mil PCS and Best Agent websites are meant for different audiences, that’s why they’re different in style. Mil PCS already had a website, so we refreshed the logo and font.

    Mil PCS has a more rigid design, with clear lines and conveys a degree of army feel. The colour palette is like that of the US flag.

    Dave, the founder, has been involved in the real estate business for many years. He already had a site and database of hand-picked trusted agents. The problem was that apart from the website, there wasn’t much else.

    Best Agent is more emotional and soft in terms of design, but the colours also play along the lines of the US flag, just in a different way.


    The user experience is super straightforward. Everything a potential client needs to do to make an application is to fill in a few details and do a few clicks.

    Custom crm

    The custom CRM has two types of management accounts, for admin and for agents. All the requests and deals for the two audience types are gathered in one place.

    The admin has access to all the aspects of the system, can see all the applications and deals from both websites, create and delete agents and clients, assign deals, sign digital contracts, see analytics and so on.

    The agents have access to a similar interface, but can only see deals and clients assigned to them and take appropriate actions to move the deals forward.


    Because real estate agents often have to go out on viewings, we made sure to make the dashboard works great on mobiles and tablets, so they can access the system at all times.

    Project team

    Art Direction: Valentina Sulima
    Design: Valentina Sulima, Julia Tsukurova, Olga Altukhova, Oksana Minina
    CTO: Anton Fedulov
    Product dev: Dmitri Kadchenko, Yevheniy Ivchenko, Artem Maliuha
    Web dev: Alexei Kaluzhnyi, Victor Kolesnik
    Copy: Tommy Molotov
    PM: Matvii Kurochka, Nataliia Gorodetska
    DevOps: Volodymyr Shcherbinin

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