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    Demigod is a reimagined personal growth application designed to build good habits, get rid of a few bad ones, and maximize productivity. It is the ultimate all-in-one organizational system with personal in-app coaching with a real coach, right at your fingertips. Plan your work, set goals, and track your progress – all in one place.
    • mobile app design

    Refreshing the old logo

    We made the logo more smooth and clean by removing little details, which made it look too noisy inside the app. Also we gave more weight to the font, which now better matches the logo.

    We also changed the colour from blue to vibrant green, which looks better with the black background of the app, and represents all kinds of cool things to do with success and all that.

    Tasks and habits

    The app allows to make custom tasks by yourself or with a coach, but it also comes with dozens of great templates of habits (tasks), which you can customize to your own lifestyle and start developing new habits straight away.

    You can set an affirmation, which you’ll have to say out loud when opening the app, to make sure you stay focused on your higher self.

    Our future is made up of the actions we take in the present over time. When building a new habit, it’s helpful to see our actual progress – i.e. what we’ve been doing rather than what we think we’ve been doing. Demigod allows users to see an in-depth analysis of their activity, with weekly, monthly and yearly views.

    Your personal coach

    The best thing about Demigod is the fact that you get a personal coach right inside the app. You can chat with your coach, set habits, goals, affirmations, report on your progress, get an extra push when you need one, and so on.

    “A productivity startup hired zgraya digital to provide development services for the business. The team is in charge of putting together end to end wireframes, screens, and assets for the company.”

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    Gokul Prabhakaran
    Co-Founder, Demigod

    The smartphone is used in tandem with the controller and is actually required for some of the features to work. That’s why the website was created mobile first and adapted for all other screens afterwards.

    Project team

    Art Direction: Yulia Snitko
    Design: Valentyna Sulima, Olga Altuhova
    Animation: Alex Kurchev, Olga Altuhova
    PM: Masha Ozerova
    Icons: Darya Maksimova
    Copy: Tommy Molotov

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