This is a website for TSM — a pro esports organization based in Los Angeles that manages a bunch of pro teams. The website is a showcase for a pro gaming facility in LA for players and their fans, which was opened in April 2020.
  • 3D
  • animation
  • web design
  • web development
  • webGL

A game-like website
for a gaming facility

This website is a virtual guide for all the different rooms and areas of the facility. The twist? It was not completed at the time, the purpose of the website was to promote the place and to attract investors while the building was still under construction. All we got was basic 3D models and renderings of the spaces.

We designed red, vivid 3d models for every room and area at the Facility, all of which have a specific purpose. The navigation looks and works like a menu from a computer game.

We went pretty full-on with the 3D graphics, with lush, detailed models for all the rooms. Unfortunately, the result in the browser looked chaotic as it had too many lines and was too heavy for use in the browser. So we reworked all the models to find the perfect balance of detail and performance.

We designed plans for the two floors of the building, which look like level maps from computer games.

“They designed a website for a $50 million e-sports facility, and our influencers who’re associated with the facility have a footprint of about 30 million a month. Those are nice numbers, and I trusted them with the design and development of those projects.”

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Misha Lee
Head of Product & Design, BlitzApp

Project team

Art Direction: Vladyslav Orlov, Yulia Snitko
Design: Vladimir Klunnyy, Alex Kuzminskyi
3D: Dmitry Chernyshov
Development: Alexey Kalyuzhnyi, Victor Kolesnik
PM: Natali Gorodetska

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