Term Finance

Term Finance is an online bank in the Caribbean offering affordable loans to individuals and businesses. We made a modern website directed at their main target market — young and trendy people, highlighing the main features.
  • animation
  • illustration
  • web design
  • web development

Smart app for a smart product

The product comes in the shape of a mobile app, which offers real-time spend notifications and balance updates.
We used simple but effective animations for the different screens, emphasizing the central features of the card, including rewards and partner discounts. And yes, contactless payments and real-time notications were cool features at the time. OK? OK…

telling a story with animation

The coolest thing about the landing page was the effect of constant storytelling achieved thanks to linking all the sections with bits of animation.

Project team

Art Direction: Vladyslav Orlov
Design: Sergey Tomkovich, Daria Maksimova
Dev: Victor Kolesnik, Dmirty Olefir
PM: Natali Gorodetska

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