Singular is a large eGaming company that provides solutions to some of the world’s largest operators in the industry. We made a flashy website with a lot of information about all the different products organized in a clear, simple way. This was complemented with simple, effective illustrations and icons, and eloquent 3D visuals representing the eGaming world.
  • 3D
  • animation
  • web design
  • web development
  • webGL

Simplifying the complex

This project was all about clarity in highlighting the four main product areas of the company’s activity and simplifying the complex structure of the website in a clear way. We used bright animated 3D shapes to illustrate each of the areas: iGaming, sport, retail and casinos.

To make more sense of all the information on the website, in addition to straightforward structure and 3D elements, we created lots of 2D illustrations and original icons that match the overall, angular style. Clear, pleasant and modern, with soft shapes, bright colors and light shadows, all of which represent the innovation that the company delivers.

The pages of the website follow a consistent visual direction in all of their elements, to create a, well, singular experience.

A pack of 97 original icons drawn in an angular style that mirrors the company’s identity and the website itself.

We made sure to apply the same principles of clarity and style while working on the mobile version. It is more laconic in places, with a lot of white space on the screen, but the same 3D images at the forefront.

Project Team

Art Direction: Vladyslav Orlov
Design: Vladyslav Orlov, Julia Tsukurova
3D: Michael Babenko, Dmitry Chernyshov
Development: Alexey Kalyuzhnyi, Andrii Khan
PM: Natali Gorodetska

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