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Encredibox is a new educational product where courses come in a digital box. Our modest part was to make sure the box (and the website) looks and feels like a cool gadget, which would inspire visitors to invest in one. Or two. The idea of Encredibox is for people to give themselves or others the chance to develop a specific area of their life or achieve a particular goal.
  • 3D
  • animation
  • web design
  • web development

Inspiration and style

Did we mention cool gadgets already? The website is designed to inspire and sell. We got inspired by loot boxes from computer games, which give players what they need in the game. It is similar with Encredibox, but each box contains a new skill or a push toward a particular goal, like finding a job or learning entrepreneurship.

The box has a mysterious Apple-like grey case and opens up as the visitor scrolls down the page, to reveal a colourful glow coming from the inside, revealing the contents in form of its multimedia contents.

Mobile Version

A lot of people browse and buy straight from their phone. That’s why we made sure, as we always do, to adapt all the visual elements for mobile. The website is bright, dynamic and easy to use on all screen sizes, and the entirety the experience stays intact.

Different colors for different categories

Each digital box comes with a particular glow representing the different directions and goals that Encredibox plans to offer courses in.

“Their ability to anticipate the extra needs required to make the product extraordinary truly stood out. I’m not really a technical person, but they were able to plan ahead to deliver on my vision. They really brought the best out of the project. Between their work quality and project management style, they were great.”

Jason Spencer
Founder & CEO, Encredibox

Project team

Art Direction: Sergey Tomkovich
Design: Sergey Tomkovich, Julia Tsukurova, Vicky Hladynets
Head Dev: Alexey Kalyuzhnyi
Dev: Ihor Kovtun
Copy: Tommy Molotov
PM: Natali Gorodetska, Masha Ozerova

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