Proxet is a software company working in AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, AR/VR and more. Our task was to create a website that would visually convey the company’s innovativeness and direction, so we came up with the metaphor of a huge spaceship to represent the business traveling through space towards their goals.
  • 3D models
  • branding
  • development
  • web design
  • webGL

Sci-fi interface for sci-fi technology

The stuff that Proxet does is pretty impressive and futuristic. That’s why the website uses vivid 3D graphics and other elements styled as interfaces and screens in sci-fi films.

One of the most important tasks was to create an interesting, non-trivial navigation in line with the “space” theme. Considering the fact that navigation is present on most pages and the need to have the ability to publish a lot of content and edit it in the admin panel, we used a grid with 3/4 reserved for the content and 1/4 for a sphere used to control what is being shown on the screen.

“They have turned our business outlook around. They were professional, patient, and simply pleasant to work with each step of the way.”

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Vad Sapozhnykov
Marketing Director

Filling in the gaps

We drew a big bunch of custom icons, also in the sci-fi theme, to represent all the different sections and content blocks.

Project team

Art Direction: Yulia Snitko, Sergey Tomkovich
Design: Sergey Tomkovich, Olga Altuhova, Vicky Hladynets, Julia Tsukurova

3D: Dmitry Chernyshov
Web GL: Dima Kirillov
Dev: Alexey Kalyuzhnyi, Victor Kolesnik, Dmirty Olefir
PM: Masha Ozerova

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