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A website for Admin Week, the annual festival organized by OfficeNinjas, a US-based community of admin professionals. The event is 7 days long and focuses on training sessions, networking, having fun and prize draws.
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  • web design

The details

The design conveys the fun, festive atmosphere of the event, while keeping the professional vibe. To achieve this, we added bright colors and various graphical elements around the page.


The festival lasts for a week, and there was a lot of content about the programme and all the activities and fun stuff that was going to happen. We needed to present the information not just in a beautiful way, but in a clear, readable way. It was important to let visitors find the information they need fast and get all the right messages.

To do this, we created a colour system that allowed us to achieve this clarity and make the page look beautiful and interesting at the same time.

Project team

Art Direction: Yulia Snitko, Vlad Orlov
Branding: Gala Nagorna
Design: Vicky Hladinets, Julia Tsukurova, Daria Maksimova, Valentina Sulima
Dev: Alexey Kalyuzhnyi, Victor Kolesnik, Dmirty Olefir
PM: Masha Ozerova

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