project website
A trendy and fun website for Bindtuning — a company that provides custom intranet solutions for creating a company’s internal social network.
  • animation
  • illustration
  • web design
  • web development

Redefining collaboration

The service adds a bunch of visual and functional options for customizing intranets created on Microsoft Sharepoint. It allows to replace the standard fonts and colours with something more personal and branded, or add all kinds of widgets to make the company’s social network more useful and functional.

Less micro, more soft

Our task was to make the website trendy and fun. It is built on a monochrome foundation, with vibrant, bright, colourful accents and illustrations.

This would convey the whole idea of the project — to turn corporate internal communication into something exciting and pleasing to the eye. We also added bits of animation demonstrating the product in action.

Project team

Art Direction: Yulia Snitko, Sergey Tomkovich, Vladimir Klunniy
Design: Sergey Tomkovich, Evgenia Havra
PM: Masha Ozerova

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