The Indiegogo triumph Arkade made a cool, innovative controller for FPS games, giving players full 360º immersion. That’s why this website immerses the visitor in a 360º presentation of the blaster and its features using a vivid 3D model and modern graphic elements.
  • 3D
  • animation
  • web design
  • web development
  • webGL

Full immersion

Arkade gave us a 3D model and we created a hi-res rendering of the blaster on WebGL. That was the easy part. The hard part was to get it to work well on all devices, so we had to sacrifice some of the resolution in favour of high performance and the ability to add other animated elements.

The blaster comes in three different colours (blue, yellow and PewDiePie red), so we added the ability not only to view the blaster in 3D but also to seamlessly change the colour of the 3D model.

Mobile first

The smartphone is used in tandem with the controller and is actually required for some of the features to work. That’s why the website was created for mobile and adapted for all other devices afterwards.


The design of many elements on the website is heavily influenced by the graphic style of computer games.

One of the things we did was create a whole pack of custom icons, also referencing the visual style of computer games.

“The quality of their work has won their designers many awards, making them competitive with (or better than) the top design firms in the United States and Europe, but at a fraction of the cost.”

Full feedback on Clutch…

Joshua Allan Fuchs
CEO, Arkade, Inc.

Project team

Art Direction: Vladyslav Orlov
Design: Valentyna Sulima, Sergey Tomkovich, Olga Altuhova, Julia Tsukurova
3D: Yuriy Artyukh, Dmitry Chernyshov
Development: Alexey Kalyuzhnyi, Dmitry Olefir, Victor Kolesnik
PM: Masha Ozerova

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