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    Voice of the frontline feat. Valentyn Ilchuk for Latitude59

    Straight from the frontline, armed to protect his Homeland, our CEO Valentyn Ilchuk is opening Latitude59 in Tallin, Estonia. See & read how it went.

    Latitude59 is a conference that shows how digital technology matters in society & governance. This year is the 10th anniversary of Latitude, so the lineup is special, not least because of Ukraine.

    This war has touched everybody. In Ukraine, in post-soviet states, Africa, and the Middle East, people see and feel the consequences. 

    Maybe because of the cost, which is too high for Ukraine and the world, we’ve been asked repeatedly, “Is it worth it? Isn’t it better to give up, lay down your weapons, and save all these lives?”. 

    Valentine, who is now out there on the frontline, shares his view on why it’s vital to keep on fighting — and why giving up is not a real option.

    Learn more about Zgraya and our role in this war here.

    “Hi, dear Latitude59.

    My name is Valentyn Ilchuk and just about 3 years ago I used to be one of you guys. I used to go to conferences. Yeah, I wore a suit — or not a suit. And actually talked about digital with all of you over there.

    But now the situation has changed. Since I am from Ukraine, now I am forced to fight for my country’s independence.

    The organizers asked me to talk a little bit about not giving up… I guess the topic has been abused so much that there is not much really left to say. But one of the things I really wanna come across is that giving up is no fun.

    I mean as long as you give up there is nothing in the future. There is no possibility of success. There is no possibility of glory. There is no possibility of anything really. 

    As long as you give up that’s it. It is no fun. 

    Whereas if you keep on pushing regardless of the context, no matter what, there is always a chance for glory. There is always a chance to become a legend. There is always a chance to become incredibly successful. 

    So you guys, from the frontlines of Ukraine we’re wishing you all the best. Stay strong. Believe in yourself. Believe in your friends and family. Believe in the people around you. 

    Because not giving up is fun. So have fun with that.”

    Stand with Ukraine

    Ukraine is fighting for its freedom and independence right now. Only by united efforts can we stop the aggressor. To give your support to Ukraine, visit this page.