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    Why make creative business website designs? Introducing the wow factor

    What a creative wow-looking website is capable of in the world of straight suits, mature businesses and corporate design. And what makes a good website for a business overall.

    Corporate websites don’t always have to be strict. Nor boring.

    Web designs full of visually amazing elements like 3D, animations or fancy pointers is a far-reaching trend, especially for creatives and design studios. But they aren’t useless in the world of serious businesses.

    In fact, creative corporate website designs can do a lot to promote businesses or products. Simply because having a wow-looking website often works much better than a dull template-based one.

    Of course, when it aligns with your business goals.

    Why is a good website important for a business?

    If your business isn’t represented on the web, it doesn’t exist.

    There are endless points that prove the importance of a good website for business. Companies need it to promote services, to tell people about their team’s experience and track record, have something to show to investors, outdo a competitor or a partner.

    Corporate websites aren’t selling products like promo pages but rather give information about the company, its team and services it provides.

    Here are some scenarios when a corporate website is a must-need:

    • Share the news and information about your activities
    • Describe products or services in details
    • Present your team’s experience and track record
    • Upload the important documentation (Terms of Services, etc)
    • Add contact details e.g. email, phone number
    • Share news or valuable insights in blog posts

    What pages to include depends on the company’s goals and the story you want to tell. The standard set:

    1. Homepage
    2. Services
    3. About us
    4. Portfolio
    5. Blog/News

    Now, most corporate websites are absolutely forgettable. Many follow simple templates and provide only the most basic of information. Such websites are often born into the current design trend and then sit for years to come.

    While it’s your website’s appearance and functionality that directly influences the opinion users draw up about you, your company and your services.

    To make a powerful impression, a creative corporate website design stands out from others, offers great UX, and does a decent job of highlighting the services, team and the other key info you want to highlight.

    A corporate website we did for Burfa, an Estonian investment company, is a perfect illustration of how it works.

    The task was to create a website that would be a place for clients and investors to find all the important information about Burfa’s projects. Pretty standard, right?

    Though the Burfa website does so much more than just storing information.

    The new, creative corporate website design conveys the company’s spirit, values — honesty and trust — and enthusiasm while making a bold visual statement. The website looks more personal this way, the team — trustworthy.

    At the core, Burfa is just a landing page. And its copy doesn’t shout ‘trust us’ from each line.

    Everything is done by the design.

    Why make wow-looking websites?

    To stand out. To impress. To gain trust.

    Most wow websites are landing pages that show off a product. Users won’t spend much time there, so the goal isn’t to make people feel super duper comfortable.

    Сreating a website design for business and including the wow factor has another purpose: to catch attention, making visitors want to buy your product, service, or whatever it is you’re offering.

    “The main idea is that if your site makes visitors go wow, it’s memorable. It’s catchy. People will remember the site and, even if they decide to put off buying your product now, they’ll keep you in mind.”

    Oksana Minina
    Senior UI/UX Designer at Zgraya Digital

    Now, corporate websites have a bit of a different story and the wow factor still works for them, for the very same reasons.

    ‘We want a site that sets us well apart from our peers’, something our clients tell us a lot.

    Proxet, another website we worked on, proves the importance of a good company website.

    It’s a website of a software company working in AI, machine learning, Big Data and other high techy stuff. Nothing radically new: Clutch lists 2,823 firms that work with artificial intelligence.

    The job was to set Proxet apart from all of them. Grabbing attention, keeping attention, and satisfying users’ informational needs.

    We came up with the design that catches the eye, makes the website stand out and visually conveys its innovativeness and direction.

    For this creative corporate website design, the inspiration came from sci-fi movies. The website has vivid 3D graphics and other elements styled as spaceship interfaces and screens, plus there’s non-trivial navigation in line with the “space” theme.

    Not all corporate websites are complex platforms with hundreds of pages. Quite often it’s just a well-designed company story.

    So if you have a number of competitors with similar selling propositions — and the ones operating longer than you — getting into the souls of your target audience with a wow-looking design may work just fine.

    ‘What do I need for a good business website?’

    AR, webGL, animations, 3D and 4D graphic effects — there’s an endless number of bells and whistles you can use on a website.

    But a wow web design is more than just a pretty face.

    ‘Just make it wow’ has been replaced with clear business-oriented objectives. That’s why it has become infinitely more complex, both technically and in communications, to plan and build corporate websites.

    The impression a wow website should leave is one of value, impact, and expertise. And sometimes parallaxes and 3D animations alone aren’t enough to do that.

    Singular, another flashy website we worked on, isn’t all about 3D or animation.


    It’s also about presenting the main product areas in a clear way. It’s the straightforward structure. It’s the consistency — the original icons we created to match the overall, angular style.

    And the mobile version, more laconic at times but with the same images at the forefront. Because creating a business website with a responsive design is a must-have these days.

    So it’s rather a combination of careful research, a good idea, lots of hard work that creates a wow experience. Well, some trendy elements too.

    There’s no universal set that makes people go wow. What you put on a gaming company website with a target audience of 18+ y/o will most probably differ from a cybersecurity website made for 40+ y/o experts.

    “The rules are different, every single time. There’s no gold standard. If everyone made websites according to a standard, the wow factor would disappear. You need to come up with something new and original or add 3D graphics in such a way it’ll be shown from a perspective it has never been shown before. That’s how it works.”

    Oksana Minina
    Senior UI/UX Designer at Zgraya Digital

    There are lots of benefits to having a good website for business. What website, varies depending on the target audience and their preferences.

    What doesn’t vary is its ease of use.
    There are two different ‘wow’ perceptions when it comes to how a website functions: the user’s wow and the business’ wow, by how their website is performing.

    For some corporate websites, it’s the content, the information that helps users decide.

    If the company does a lot of things and wants to talk about them, the main rule is not to overdo with wow effects. People who visit such websites may not be interested in fancy graphics but making business decisions.

    What can a wow-designed website bring to the company?

    Wow designs can’t be cheap. They require time, skills and often a ton of creativity.  In some cases, it takes more time to think through the idea; sometimes it’s the implementation itself. If you want to come up with cool 3D or 4D elements, you may get the idea pretty quickly but it will take a long time to implement it. And vice versa: sometimes you develop an idea for quite a time and the implementation comes easily.

    Is the wow game worth the candle, then? The benefits of a good business website prove it is.

    User experience has a tremendous effect on the results you get from your website. In fact, the way you present your products and services along with the overall user-friendliness, attractiveness, and professionalism of your website is just as important as what you’re promoting.

    A feature-rich, visually impactful website hugely improves user experience and user conversion to help grow your business.

    A cool website is something people will talk about, will make posts about, and will share their thoughts about giving your company more and more recognition.

    If the business you’re presenting isn’t much different from others in its field, it’s a decent way to distinguish it.

    Finally, creative business website designs get awards or honorable mentions from professional competition bodies like Awwwards, Muse, Red Dot, and others.

    For the owner, it means additional PR and more recognition and works as an indicator for the website sponsors or your tuned-in audience.


    Wow websites do attract users. But to retain them, it’s not enough to have visually fancy pages— it has to be a functionally wow as well.

    The customer journey and goals are the key items to understanding if your website is going to be a success. It’s only when we understand what these are, can we look at how the site is going to deliver, for both better user experience and gaining results – and how we achieve this in the most engaging way.

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